About Topspin Tennis Academy

Topspin Tennis Academy, a marketing arm of Topspin sports was started by Kiran Nandakumar, a former ATP and National Ranked Player and thrice All India University Medalist along with sibling Asha Nandakumar, former WTA and National Ranked Player.

The Coaches at TTA are not only well Qualified but also have played the National and International circuit for nearly 12 years.
We also focus on doing events on all levels to encourage players to gain confidence and motivation towards the game (visit www.topspinsportz.in)
Wondering how to spend your kid's summer vacation?
Are your kids showing promise and you want to get them some
       personal attention?
Do you want to encourage your kids to try and rewarding sport?
Not getting personal attention to kid's game?
Too many players on one court during each session?
Are you looking to spend some leisure time while your kid
      gets some fresh air?

Topspin Tennis Championship, Boys & Girls Under 12 CS (7) "FEB 2015"


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